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Prof. Dr. Chinmoy Ranjan

I am an Assistant Prof. at Indian Institute of Science working in the area of Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion. Since the twentieth century, the world has undergone a sea change in a relatively short time, fuelled by modern miracles such as medicine and machines using energy and materials derived from fossilized resources. Much of this remains unsustainable. I believe in creating technologies that help in achieving long-term sustainability. 




(1) We are always looking for talented postdoctoral fellows who have a specialized background in the following research areas: Electrochemistry, Catalysis,  Materials theory (atomistic modeling), and Spectroscopy. Funding opportunities exist through SERB PDF grants, RAMAN postdoctoral fellowships (IISc Supported), and IOE postdoctoral fellowships  (IISc Supported). 

RAMAN and IOE grants provide high salaries and additional research grants. The selection process is rigorous and competitive which includes presentation before IISc committee besides initial recommendation by the host faculty. 

Interested candidates, please email to with CV and cover letter which highlights specific research skills and achievements in the context of above-mentioned research areas. 

Projects: We have projects in the area of electrochemical in situ spectroscopy

Electrochemical water oxidation, CO2 reduction and oxygen reduction reaction

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